Thirty Dollar Trees......

Good Morning, everyone! Yesterday I was in the market
for a Christmas Tree for my dining room. I knew I didn't
want a big tree and I knew I didn't want to pay a big 
price for it either! So, I headed to Walmart
in search of the perfect tree! I know what you're thinking and 
yes it would help if the trees were displayed with a little
more care. However, don't walk away so fast!
Because I'm going to show you how I used a $30 
Christmas tree yesterday! 
 Let's keep a running tally of my expenses below! 

Holiday Time Non-Lit 6 Ft Flocked Tree. Not a bad looking 
tree in this picture, right? 
I found this tree to be very easy to assemble 
but a bit messy. That's to be expected with flocked trees.
Next comes the clear lights. I used 400 lights on this tree.
Purchased at Walmart for $2.50 a box.

I then wrapped the tree in burlap. Now Walmart has 
burlap in the Christmas section but I went back to 
the Floral area and bought a roll because it's cheaper.
Now comes the ornaments and again I'm creating this tree on 
budget but I wanted it to have that WOW factor.
So I purchased 12 themed ornaments, one container of 50 plastic 
ornaments, and 3 packs of glittered ornaments.
Final touch, flocked branches. You could 
leave this off but I love the look. I already had 
a tree skirt in my arsenal of Christmas decor.  And here is the final 
product! And I'm over the moon for this tree!
Scroll down to see the bottom line on this tree!

Christmas Tree ~ $30
4 Sets of Lights(400 Lights) ~ $10
Burlap ~ $5
9 Themed Ornaments ~ $18
3 Themed Ornaments ~ $5
1 container of 50 Ornaments ~ $16
3 packs of Glittered Ornaments ~$9
3 flocked branches bundles ~ $18
$120.00 w/tax

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