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I know this was suppose to be posted yesterday and I am sorry about that. We were 
late getting back from our Thanksgiving trip with the In-Laws.
Did everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving? Are you gearing up for Christmas now?
We had a nice Thanksgiving at Avon, NC with the in-laws. That's another story for another day.
And now, I'm home and this week is going to be full of preparations for my parents 
Annual Christmas Party! 

Enough him-hawing around here are the winners:

Jean Bullock
Tracy M #6773


If you two would be so kind to email me 
your info through the contact form at 
bottom left of blog I will get your 
GC to you. 

Please include the store and your email 
in the email. Thanks!


  1. Congratulations ladies! have fun with your gift cards!

  2. Lisa, thank you so much. So excited. Robin and Beth, thank you for the congratulations.

  3. WooHoo, nice to see my friends winning. congrats!

    THANK YOU for including me as a lucky winner too!!!
    THANK YOU for the congratulations everyone - they are much appreciated :)


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