A Mother's Repose with SVG Attic

Welcome everyone! Today, I decided to step out of holiday mode completely with this post. I'm sharing a great way for anyone to present a gift card at a baby shower. 

Using JGW Santa's Repose 3D Chair  I created a baby themed chair for an expecting/ new mom.  
If you don't have this chair in your arsenal of cut files I highly recommend it. There are some many things you can use it for. Here's a link to show my Halloween version. 
A Mother's Repose created In The Crafting Cave using JGW Santa's Repose
 This chair is not difficult to put together just take your time and follow the directions provided and 
you will be done in no time.

I used Baby Mine by Carta Bella Collection Kit. I will be making a boy version of this for a friends baby shower. It's very straight forward, cut the pieces, assemble the chair, and add embellishments.
The PomPom Ribbon is from Walmart.
As always, thank you for visiting and I hope you have an amazing week. 



  1. This is such a great way to use those Christmas files after that holiday has passed! I love it! Great vision.

  2. This is absolutely adorable!!!! LOVING it! TFS!


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